Explore the science behind red light therapy

The Science of Sunflower

Sunflower uses the breakthrough technology of Photobiomodulation, or PBM, to improve human health.

Photobiomodulation, or PBM, is the science of using specific wavelengths of light to heal, enhance, and energize the cells in our bodies.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

red light therapy to relieve pain

Pain Relief

Red and near-infrared light relieve chronic & acute pain through two independent mechanisms. The first is by increasing local blood circulation to reduce inflammation, which often causes chronic pain. The second mechanism is healing damaged tissue more quickly, which directly addresses the injury that is the root cause of pain and inflammation.

Skin Health

Red and near-infrared light are commonly used in dermatology and medical spas to address a wide range of skin concerns from acne to wrinkle reduction. Additionally, red and near-infrared light can penetrate into deeper layers of the skin to promote faster healing, increase the removal of waste products that cause acne, and boost collagen production.

red light therapy to improve hair health

Hair Health

One of the first findings in the field of PBM was enhanced hair growth. Today, many hair growth treatments are based in laser therapy. With LED PBM, light treatments for hair growth can now be done at home. Red and near-infrared light penetrate into cells and are absorbed by the mitochondria, or the cell structure responsible for producing energy. By increasing cellular energy within the hair follicle, PBM allows the hair follicles to perform optimally so they can generate new hair more quickly, even after significant hair loss.

scar and wound healing benefits of red light therapy

Faster Healing

Photobiomodulation works by boosting cellular energy to allow the cell, and thus the whole body, to function more efficiently. Our bodies are more than capable of healing wounds and injuries without the help of a red light therapy device; however, our cells are often not functioning at optimal capacity. Therefore, by giving cells light that can be converted into energy, PBM provides the optimal conditions to heal wounds as quickly as the body is able.

Cognitive Function

PBM enhances cellular efficiency; however, one of the main obstacles in PBM is reaching tissue that is very deep, such as bone or potentially organs on the other side of bone. Many PBM products today are not equipped with wavelengths of light with this capacity, around and above 1000nm. With longer wavelengths in this range, PBM can benefit cells in the brain through the scalp. This increases blood flow to the brain and the efficiency of the brain cells to improve cognitive function, including improved attention, memory, and more!

cognitive benefits of red light therapy

Mental Health

Generally, our mental health suffers when our brain and body lack enough of the nutrients and energy they need. One of these daily health requirements is sunlight. As a result, “chronic light deprivation” is a major health concern in industrialized nations today. Photobiomodulation acts as a sunlight replacement therapy that delivers the safe wavelengths from the sun (red and near-infrared), without the damaging wavelengths (UV light). Therefore, red light therapy can improve mental health by replacing light that we miss out on during the daytime.

red light therapy to improve sleep

Sleep Optimization

Over one third of the American population are sleep deprived, and the brain is responsible for controlling the switch from wake to sleep and sleep quality. Luckily, PBM has been clinically shown to improve sleep and reduce the negative effects of sleep loss, especially for cognitive performance. By helping our brain cells work more efficiently, PBM administered before bed helps the brain work more efficiently to coordinate sleep, minimize sleep problems, and sleep loss.

Immune Support

There is robust evidence PBM can improve the resiliency of cells against health concerns, including illnesses like COVID-19. This is due to a few reasons: 1) PBM directly affects the number of immunity factors in the blood, including inflammatory cytokines, and 2) PBM allows cells to recover faster after stress. Therefore, PBM has been found to help protect against illness, and reduce the progression and duration of illness.

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